Five Reasons You Should Invest in Productivity

Many business owners and senior managers share concerns about whether their business is currently growing fast enough. Others complain that their business is an operational nightmare!

You may have questioned, “What if we deliver more for our customers?” You may even have said something like, “I know we are not operating at our peak!” But, where do you start? It is not unusual for a business to struggle with knowing where to start, with people often claiming, “There are so many things we could do better!”

Read on to find out five reasons why you should invest in a workflow management solution to increase productivity.

project manager looking at a software development progress chart

  1. You want your business to be more productive, with staff achieving more every working day

You wouldn’t be the first to say, “Yes, my people are busy...” then question, “So, where are the results? Why do they produce so little?”

Sometimes managers assume that slipping that extra task in to the sprint will increase productivity and team output. However, this often leads to, “Everything is more urgent than everything else,” and chronic multitasking. Unfortunately, when people are constantly putting tasks down and picking up new ones, there is time lost to re-focus and get up to speed with what the new task requires.

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  1. You want a systematic environment

If you’ve ever looked around the office and thought your business has too many different files and systems, you may have come to these terrifying conclusions:

  1. You have no way to ascertain who is working on what , or where the document is you need (“I don’t know, somewhere on the server …”).
  2. There is a lot of duplicated documents the same files keep getting remade
  3. It is hard to pass information between departments without it requiring multiple processes (i.e. hunting down documents or asking co-workers where to find information).

Maybe you’ve already started moving your business into a task managed environment   and your information is mostly stored in a project or list making application like Trello or

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  1. You often find it hard to get a clear picture of what is happening in the business – the truth is often hidden in the chaos of operational activity

Have you ever found yourself looking at your business and thinking the workload is getting unmanageable, projects half-complete, some late, and teams working too much overtime? It can often feel like you’re using a lot of energy just to keep your head above water.

Managers often say, “It’s all good. Everything is under control,” when that is far from the truth. Fires are occurring in their department faster than they can put them out.

The reports don’t tell you the truth! They often use individual data points which show individual trends, but the overall underlying trend is hidden underneath the ‘noise’ of daily variation.

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  1. You want to be able to adjust your system to meet your needs, both now and in the future

The process of improvement is an ongoing journey. In many systems, you need to know how you will be using the system in the future, so that it is correctly set up / installed today. But the truth is that your future needs do change. Knowing where you should direct your energy to improve things in the future, can be difficult in the current moment. Your productivity journey will expose additional opportunities for gains to you that may need additional system needs. “If only the system was able to do this…”

A highly configurable workflow management solution not only allows you to gain extra visibility within your business (meaning you’ll be able to see what needs to be changed or improved) but will also allow you to make ‘if only…’ changes on the fly. With a workflow management solution, you can tune in the background, while your employees go about their work.


  1. You want a ‘heads up’ of the work that is coming up next

Are you tired of being blindsided by surges of work? Are you often notified of potential risks or problems at the last minute, and wonder why nobody said anything earlier?

Much like a digital calendar keeps track of your meetings and deadlines, a workflow management solution allows you to plan for the future, providing a visual ‘radar’ where you can find all upcoming work displayed. This supports your managers’ ability to be able to see a problem coming before it strikes. Highlighting these issues early saves you time and money. It also means less stress for you and your staff.


Want to know how to start implementing the above suggestions in your company?

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